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3DprintNC provides low cost printing services to STEM teachers in the Davidson County area, to support students with FDP (fluid deposit print) models of their class drawings.    A 'physible' model helps with motivation and reward, plus some students need the tactile model to understand CAD concepts.

Upon request, we also offer consultation and support information for various FDP printers that are low cost and often suitable for home and school student lab.   Our printers are based on the MendelMax and RepRap Open Source printers, so we can offer opinions and advice on acquisiton of printer resources by teachers and administrators.   3DprintNC does NOT sell printers!   We are not agents of any manufacturers, but can help you with finding suitable bidders and providers for hardware and open source (no license fee) software.

Classroom demonstrations can be coordinated to introduce 3D printing concepts at your school, with administrator approvals.